Learn and improve your photography with professional photographer Anna Clopet. Photography workshops and tours in Paris, Provins, Champagne,  Myanmar and more. 


These photo tours are destined for people who have a love of photography, who enjoy travel and feel they could improve their skills by getting first class, hands on instruction from a very successful and experienced photographer whilst visiting some fantastic places. The courses are open to people of both amateur and professional level.  Photography workshops offer a total immersion and a project participation.

You will receive personal instruction, learn new techniques, train your eye to see things differently and I will help you develop your own style. Beginners will learn about settings, aperture, shutter speed and light. The best and most pleasurable way to learn is in the field.

If you are travelling to Paris on business, why not contact me for a custom made photography tour during your trip over, especially geared to to your needs.

I have been a successful professional photographer for 30 years. I have travelled to over 100 countries, shot covers and spreads for dozens of major magazines, photographed advertising campaigns, reports and brochures for top international corporations (see biography) and coached a number of people. 

Share my passion, knowledge and skills and learn whilst having a great time. 

All of my tours and workshops are in places that I know particularly well. Paris has been my home base for 25 years. I speak fluent French although all courses will be in English unless otherwise arranged.

The tours and workshops will be updated regularly with new destinations added as each workshop is researched and personally fine-tuned by me.

You can continue to stay in touch with me after your workshop or course. I don’t forget anyone just because the tour is over.

  • Receive group and personal tuition
  •  Learn to take better photos
  • Learn key photographic techniques and tips
  • Put simple exercises into practice
  • Develop a photographic style
  •  Learn to see things differently
  •  Visit places you might otherwise miss

Note: You do need to be familiar with your camera – how the menu works etc. There are so many cameras on the market now that it is impossible for me to manipulate everyone’s camera but I can tell you what you need to do in order to improve.






There is a fine line between my workshops and tours because I am here to teach and coach students of all ages and abilities, professional or amateur. 

My workshops are for people who are more serious about photography whether amateur or professional. They are longer and therefore more intense and include a couple of classes, particular exercises, downloading of the pictures, constant feedback and critique. They are by nature also a photo tour because they are in stunning locations and we do try to obtain wonderful pictures by trying to be in the right place at the right time. 

I do bring camera equipment with me but  what YOU learn and YOUR pictures are what matter to me. Good light is always preferable for good pictures but in reality and believe me, (I know!) if you’re serious about photography ‘The Photo’ that you’ve been looking for can be in very poor conditions. What must be learnt is how to take it anyway, and well. 

The day and half day tours are so named because of the time frame. I am going to show places that perhaps you have not been to, and/or show them to you photographically. I will point things out and show you how best to take those pictures or different ways to take them. I will give you all sorts of tips that you can use after the tour.

I am happy to review any portfolios or pictures you’ve taken. 


For this course you need to own either a DSLR camera, mirror less camera or any camera with interchangeable lenses or a good zoom that can be manipulated manually.

It is a good idea to bring a variety of lenses if possible. Zooms are fine but a lens with a good aperture such as 1.4–2.8 is a good idea for poor light. Ideally you would have a 24mm or 28mmwide angle lens, perhaps in a zoom such as 28-105 for SLR and a telephoto, although telephoto is really optional. For bridge or mirrorless cameras that are ¾ you need a minimum of an 18mm.

A tripod or monopod is also a good idea although tripods cannot be installed everywhere in Paris. For champagne and Myanmar it is highly recommended. 

People on workshops should bring a computer in order to download your pictures so we can look at them, although we will not really be working on post production in these workshops. A hard drive and enough flash cards are essential.

If you have any examples of your work or portfolio please bring them. I will be happy to discuss them with you.

Please contact me for any additional information.