Let’s discuss it together and I will make up a tour that I think would suit you. 

Example: You say that you’ve been to most tourist places, some of your pictures are not so good so you would like to go back... or/and you would like to discover some new parts of Paris or visit a street market. You are interested in lively street photos or architecture, would like to photograph the arcades — I will put a program together for you.

These tours do not include metro fares, lunches or drinks. This is purely tuition. In the case of more than one person this will include some one-to-one instruction for everyone. All tours are between 6–8 hours depending on numbers, time, breaks etc. 

On a one-person tour, someone accompanying the participant who is not taking lessons may come free of charge providing they do not take pictures or interfere in the tuition. In the case of more than one person tours with mixed photographer and non-photographer companions, please contact me.