1. Anna Clopet and phototraveltuition.com is not a tour operator. 

DEPOSIT and payment

2. A non refundable deposit as stated in the particular course or workshop is required at time of booking.  The deposit is 25% for a workshop and 10% for the day and half day photo tours. This must be sent together with the completed booking form. 

3. The balance for all workshops are due 2 months before the workshop begins. The balance of a Paris photo tour is due one week before the course.  If full payment has not been received by the designated date, Anna Clopet reserves the right to consider the booking cancelled and reserves the right to retain the deposit.

4. Any photo tours booked within one week of the course must be paid in full with the booking form and any workshop bookings within 2 months of the workshop are due in full at the time of booking together with the booking form.


5. All participants should take out a comprehensive insurance policy covering their flights, health, damage, loss and eventual cancellation of the workshop. 


6. Anna Clopet and phototraveltuition.com reserve the right to cancel a workshop if there are insufficient bookings up to 2 months before departure or for reasons beyond our control that would make the trip unsafe or undesirable.  In which case all deposits will be refunded.  This refund does not include any other expenses incurred such as flights, visa fee, transportation costs, travel insurance premiums etc. This should be covered by your own insurance. 

7. In the event that Anna Clopet has to cancel a photo tour due to ill health or any extenuating circumstance another photographer will take the course, or an alternative date will be proposed. Should neither of these be accepted then any monies paid for that course will be refunded in full. 

8. We are unable to accept liability for any expense or delay incurred regarding prevailing weather conditions, industrial action, civil unrest, political action, floods, war etc.  Participants are personally responsible regarding injury, illness, health, risk, loss or damage to personal equipment/luggage etc. All costs must be borne by the participant covered by their personal insurance.

9. Participants are responsible for their physical condition and the impact it could have on other members of the workshop. 

10. Accommodation,  flights,  transportation and the actual schedule may vary from that originally published.  The workshop and tour descriptions are not contractual and could change. A certain flexibility in photography is necessary due to weather conditions, moveable feasts, light, local events and changes due to circumstance.

The itinerary is only indicative.  Any changes made will be for the good of the workshop or tour.

In the case of a hotel not being available at the time of booking it will be replaced bya similar hotel of the same category.  Flight timesand bus/trains schedules may also vary from those published. Anna Clopet and Phototraveltuition.com is not held responsible or liable for any changes that may incur to the published schedule whatsoever.  You will be informed of any changes made as soon as possible. 

Prices are quoted in local currency or currency relating to that country. 

In the unlikely event that there are surcharges or change of services etc you will be notified before entering into such a contract. 

The information given in the website is as accurate as possible.

Workshops to Myanmar and Vietnam are tailor made especially for photography and set up by reputable local companies.  The itineraries have already been tested by me.